How to Block YouTube Ads on Android Devices

YouTube has grown to become an extremely watched video streaming platforms worldwide with billions of users watching videos each day. It also houses millions of content creators who rely on ad revenues to fund their business. This means that viewers must endure ads while watching videos. Fortunately, those with Android devices have a variety of options to disable YouTube advertisements.

Advantages of Blocking YouTube Ads

The most important benefit of blocking YouTube advertisements is that it removes the necessity of sitting through the ads when you watch videos. This means you can relax and enjoy your preferred YouTube content without waiting for the advertisement to end. Also blocking YouTube advertisements can aid in saving bandwidth and data, as advertisements generally consume much more bandwidth to download than the video itself.

Disadvantages of Blocking YouTube Ads

Despite the benefits of blocking YouTube advertisements however, there are some drawbacks to be aware of. The first and most important is that block ads mean that the creators do not earn any money from their content which could be problematic to smaller channel. In addition, blocking ads could cause applications and websites malfunctioning because some are specifically designed to load ads to function correctly.

Understanding YouTube Ads

Before you are able to block YouTube advertisements, it’s essential to understand the way they work. The way they work is that YouTube adverts are presented to the viewers according to their demographics and the kind of content they’re viewing. Furthermore, YouTube also uses cookies to monitor user activities on the platform, which allows it to display more relevant advertisements.

Using Ad Blockers on Android Devices

The most effective way to stop YouTube advertisements for the Android device is to install ads blockers. There are many advertisements blockers in the Google Play Store which include well-known options like Adblock Plus and AdGuard. These programs are designed to stop ads from all websites and applications, including YouTube.

Manually Blocking YouTube Ads

Alternately, you can disable YouTube advertisements using Your Android device. This involves changing the DNS settings of the device. This could be quite difficult. If you decide to follow this path, it’s strongly recommended to consult an instructional guide to ensure that you are doing it right.

Using YouTube Premium

Another way to stop YouTube ads is to make use of YouTube Premium. It is a subscription of YouTube that lets users view videos without advertisements. Furthermore, YouTube Premium also offers additional features like background playback , as well as access to exclusive videos.


Blocking YouTube advertisements blocking YouTube ads on Android devices is an excellent option to improve your experience streaming videos. There are many options to choose from for blocking ads, such as using ad blockersor manually blocking YouTube ads, or even the use of YouTube Premium. The best choice for you is dependent on the features you want and how much you’re willing to invest.