How to Connect Your Tablet to Your TV

There are a variety of ways to stream TV shows, movies and games on your tablet to your television. What is the best option for you?

Tablets are fantastic for portability, however there are instances that you’re in need of an even bigger image. How do you get your TV and tablet communicating with each other?

The first step is to determine if you’re connecting with either an HDMI cable, or Wi-Fi. Cables are pretty seamless and are an option to consider if need to avoid any chance of delays. However, if you’ve got speedy and reliable Internet streaming, then streaming on the Wi-Fi network works similarly.

Connect via HDMI

HDMI cables are easy to use. There are no WiFi signals, or even passwords to be concerned about when using this cable.

To connect, locate your HDMI ports of your tablet and TV. Note the dimensions the ports. Televisions usually have full-size HDMI ports while tablets could include miniature ports.

You’ll need an adapter in the event that your tablet doesn’t come with any HDMI port. For instance, a more recent iPad requires the Apple Lightning(r) Digital AV Adapter. Samsung tablets require a different adapter.

Remember: HDMI cables are able to transmit audio and video. There is no reason to fret about finding multiple adapters.

Connect via Wi-Fi

If both your tablet and TV are made by an identical manufacturer (as in the case of a Samsung tablet or an Samsung TV) They might come with an app similar to Samsung Smart View which makes streaming simple. Simply install the app, ensure that it’s connected to the identical Wi-Fi connection and select Connect to TV.

There are a number streams devices which let users to connect their tablet to your television. The Roku(r) streaming Stick(r) can be used with various tablets and has its own suite of applications for TV networks as well as movies and other streaming services such as Netflix(r) as well as Hulu(tm). Its Belkin Miracast video adapter is another option. It streams audio and video straight from the tablet to your television without having to worry about whether the app works with the streaming device you are using.

When you’re choosing a device for streaming make sure whether the device is compatible with tablets.

Remember: You’ll get better results from streaming your tablet to TV in the event that you have residence Internet speeds are 12 Mbps or greater. With speeds lower than that you’ll probably experience delays or buffering.